An Affiliate of the National Association of Agricultural Educators
  • NJAAE Membership $60
  • NAAE Membership $60
  • Agricultural Education Magazine
  • hardcopy $12  online $10  both $15
  • Student and Associate Members $5 CTEANJMembership and
  • ACTE Membership $100
  • NJ FFA Alumni Membership $20

Who Can Join NJAAE?

Anyone interested in agricultural education is eligible to join NJAAE:

Active Members — Open to all persons professionally associated with Agricultural Education at any level as teachers, directors, administrators, and  teacher-educators upon payment of dues and subscription to the NJAAE constitution.

Associate Members — Persons who are advisory committee members, advisors, state supervisory staff, school directors and interested in agricultural education. 

Student Members — Open to any full-time student in an approved college program who is preparing for careers related to an agricultural education. Student Teachers are also eligible to become members.

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What are the Benefits of NJAAE Membership?

As a professional association for agricultural educators, NJAAE provides benefits to assist members with professional growth—both tangible and intangible benefits to help members become more effective and efficient as agricultural educators. Some membership benefits include:

· Legislative advocacy for profession
· Technical and pedagogical in-service education
· Leadership and personal development
· Awards and recognition programs
· Mechanism for influencing the future direction of the profession
· Idea exchange forum
· News update
· Instructional materials and resources
· Camaraderie and friendship

NJAAE in cooperation with ACTE has created an easy on-line membership application and payment.

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ACTE Membership also Includes:
- Techniques Magazine subscription
- Discounts on National Conferences 
- Access to ACTE Webinars, Online Courses,  and Online Resource Centers
- $25,000 Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance Plan (Ability to increase to $50,000 max. with annual membership renewal)

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What are the Benefits of NAAE and ACTE Membership?

NAAE Membership also includes:

- $100,000 Professional Liability Insurance Plan
- Access to Low Cost Liability Insurance Upgrades,  Identity Theft Insurance, Health Insurance, and Life Insurance Plans
- Discount on National Science Teacher Association (NSTA) Membership
- Hotel Discounts with Choice Hotels International
- Access to Communities of Practice Network
- Discounts on National Conferences
- Access to NAAE Webinars

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When you take the next step by becoming a member of our national professional organizations of NAAE and ACTE. You receive similar benefits as NJAAE membership, except on the national level and you receive MORE!